Frequently asked questions


Is it possible to somehow fit the shoes?
Yes you can at the store on the Nieuwe Hoogstraat 3a in Amsterdam, maybe nice to visit us when you are on a holiday in Holland. We basically have every model in stock, but not always in every size. If we do not have it in stock, we can usually order them for you. Would you therefore fit a specific model, please contact us in advance so we can try to order it..
What are vegetarian shoes made of?
We sell shoes of different brands, all of which use a different basis. Vegetarian Shoes shoes are made of a patented material called 'Vegetan '. Ethical Wares sells shoes made of 'Lorica'.

Basically it comes down to the point that the shoes are made of a mixture of polyurethane and polyester combined with cotton fiber. All the shoes are basically water resistant but breathable unlike cheaper (often plastic) shoes do !!
I'm allergic to tanning agents, can i wear vegetarian shoes?
Yes. There are no tanning agents used for the production of vegetarian shoes. Many people are allergic to chrome that in there. This is not in vegetarian shoes. But beware! Many people next to their allergy to chromium are also allergic to modern glues. Although the glues used are all friendly, you can still be allergic for them.
Are all your products organic / eco / fair trade?
Vegetarian shoes are often not organic, because they are not natural products, but the material the shoes are made of, are less environmental impact than leather because to many heavy metals are used for tanning leather. The manufacturers we work with are obviously committed to humans, animals and the environment. But not all products have a fair trade or eco-label. Although many vendors and most manufacturers simply located in Europe and they work according to European standards.

Our range of clothing and shoes is of course as much as possible organic and ecologically responsible.
Whether a product vegetarian, vegan, organic or Fair Trade, you can see the logos shown on the products:
Vegetarisch product Veganistisch product Biologisch product Fair Trade product



How long will it take before the ordered articles arrive at my doorstep?
That depends on whether we have the item in stock. In the event that we need to order the article from a supplier, we apply a maximum delivery time of 30 days. Fortunately, more and more items are in stock.

Did you know that at the moment you place your order you can already see if an item is out of stock?
When I buy a pair of shoes and they do not fit, can I return them?
When you order a pair of shoes it can happen that they do not fit or they are not what you imagined they would look like. If that's the case, you can simply return the shoes. This will cost you only a parcel stamp (€ 6.75 in the Netherlands through TNT).
How can I order at VEGA-LIFE?
Ordering at VEGA-LIFE is safe and simple. You can select the items in your shopping cart by clicking the order button. Then you can continue shopping and put some other products in your shopping cart. Are you finished shopping, check your cart and if you are satisfied with the products selected, you can continue with the "order" button.

Then enter your address. Look after what you fill in, because if you enter a wrong address, your neighbors can enjoy your purchases.

Alternatively you can specify that your address be withheld. This is done by means of a cookie (a small text file) on your computer. A big advantage is that safe a lot of time next time you order..

Before you can finish your order, you must agree to our Terms and Conditions. These are one taken on one of the Web store mark, so provide enough protection for you as a consumer. If desired, you can read them by clicking on the link.

Do you want anything in the future missing and VEGA LIFE tick also that you want to receive the newsletter.

Then select 'next step'

On the next page you can specify how you want your order is shipped and how you want to pay for your order.

After this you can again click on "next step".

You will now see an overview of the products in your shopping cart and send the selected method and pay. If you click on pay below you will be redirected to the selected payment method.
Enter your data in and finish the pay off. When you finished click: 'back to the shop' so your order can be finalized.

After your order you will get an e-mail with all the details of the order reproduced. When all items ordered are in stock, your order will be shipped within two business days
How to pay in the webshop?
In our webshop you can pay in different ways. You can choose from:
• iDeal
• Transfer
• Paypal
• Credit card (Mastercard / Visa)
• VEGA LIFE Gift Card
Do the prices include VAT?
Yes, all prices on our website are including VAT.
Is it possible to order for my business excluding VAT?
Yes that is possible. When you enter the company name and an address that is not Dutch, you get the possibility to enter your VAT number.
When all data are entered correctly, you will not have to pay VAT on your purchases.

Delivery and shipping

Can I track my order once the package is shipped?
Once your order is shipped, you will receive an e-mail with a track & trace code of TNT or DPD. With this code you can see on the websites of both carriers where your package is at that moment.

Note: Packages that fit through the letterbox, are sent without track & trace code.
What are the shipping charges at VEGA LIFE?
or shipping, you can choose from several payment methods:
How much time do I have to evaluate my order?
When you order from a webshop, you are legally entitled to evaluate the products ordered for 14 days and decide within that time if you want to keep them or want to return (part of) the order.

For this, of course, some rules apply:
1. Ordered items must be returned undamaged and without signs of wear.
2. In case you have ordered shoes, it is only allowed to try them on inside the house.
3. Send returns in a box, wrapping paper, newsprint or bag. In this way, the products remain in good order and presentable
4. For hygienic reasons unsealed cosmetics can not be returned.

Returns & Exchanges

How can I return or exchange ordered products
You can read all about returning bought items on our special returns and exchanges page.
Do I have to pay for returning my order?
Yes you do. If the ordered size is not correct and you want to exchange the products with another size, you pay for sending the shoes to us and we pay for sending the new size.

At this moment Paypal has a Free Return policy for orders paid with their service and shipped to: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Central- and Eastern-Europe, Denmark, France, Ireland, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland. Check your paypal account for more information.

Refunded Returns

Warranty and repair

The product I have ordered is damaged delivered. What now?
The products we sell are manufactured with great care and sent. Unfortunately, it nevertheless sometimes goes wrong. This, of course, we solve for you! Notice us as soon as possible but no later than 14 days after receiving your order and tell us what the problem is. Then we can work with you what is the best solution to the problem.
The ordered shoes are very quickly broken. How do we solve that?
Are your shoes soon after delivery broken, then there may be a manufacturing defect.  To limit costs as much as possible we ask you to make one or more digital pictures of the problem and send it to us. After consultation with the manufacturer, we will make a proposal to resolve the problem neatly. *

Please note, however, that we can not guarantee if:
• You pull out the shoes without undoing the laces.
• Your shoes used for purposes for which they were not designed for (think skateboarding, welding, etc.)
• The problems stem from a defect in your course (rotate, drag, spades) which result in oblique worn soles and heels.

* It may be that we ask you to send us the shoes for investigation. The shipping will be reimbursed. Don't trow the shoes away!
The ordered cothes are not beautiful after being washed once.
Do you have the garment washed following the washing instructions and after washing something wrong?To limit costs as much as possible we ask you to make one or more digital pictures of the problem and send it to us. After consultation with the manufacturer, we will make a proposal to resolve the problem neatly.*

* It may be that we ask you to send us the shoes for investigation. The shipping will be reimbursed. Don't trow the shoes away!


Do you have a complaint about our service or products
We are trying our best efforts to make you're vega-life shopping experience a happy one. Do you have a complaint about our products or service? Please read our special page about filing a complaint.