Vega-Life, unique lifestyle products for vegetarians and vegans

Are you a vegetarian or vegan? In our vegan webshop you'll find a unique assortment of shoes, belts and bags, lateron we will add animal-friendly cosmetics and fair trade lifestyle products such as bamboo clothing. Durable and stylish vegan products that are made without animal suffering. Especially for the sustainable and conscious consumer.


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Vegan store in Amsterdam

VEGA-LIFE  -  Nieuwe Hoogstraat 3a  -  1011 HC  AmsterdamAre you visiting Amsterdam? Then you should definitely visit our vegan store! It is located in the city center at a short 15 minutes walk from the Central Station.

In the VEGA-LIFE store you can find vegan shoes, clothing, bags, belts, vegan cosmetics, vegan ice cream, candy and many more animal friendly products. The staff can help you find nice places for a vegan lunch or dinner.
 Hope to see you soon!